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That F Word (2014-2015)

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"I'm a feminist with a small 'f' not a capitol one, just trying to raise awareness. But these stigmas are sticking and becoming a hindrance, we need to reclaim something but I don't know what it is yet,"
from my spoken word piece It Doesn't Matter (2014).

My body of work "That F Word" brings together a diverse community of self-identified feminists. Through portraiture and personal handwritten texts, their voices express their ideas, feelings, and positions within the movement. This project embraces different backgrounds and cultures, ranging from Zimbabwe, Aboriginal heritages, and 8th generational Canadians, as well as the spectrum of genders, and generations represented from ages 19 through to 70. "That F Word" exists as prints, a book, and a blog in order to democratize the work and encourage engagement through multiple public spaces.

The series has assisted in finding my own position within feminism and has enabled a passion in having the opportunity to connect with others, collaborate on ideas, and share our stories. Feminism is about equal rights and opportunities for all genders but it also about much more on a personal level. In 'Khadijah', she challenges the viewer with her gaze, a sense of pride and strength. Her text piece emphasizes 'I am a black feminist'. Where as in 'Marie' there is a comfortableness and a quiet confidence at play. The participants in this project are diverse in their voices and backgrounds but echo similar thoughts on feminism even through their own personal lens. However, negativity towards feminism saturates our media and online dialogues in both threatening and derogatory ways. This project is in response to the misinformation, hatred, and stereotyping that exists. "That F Word" creates a safe space to share one's self and voice.

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8 Portraits- 24"x34" archival inkjet. 4 Text- 17"x22" archival inkjet. Digital.